With Apologies to Bobby Hebb and “Sunny”

Vortex, thank you for the frostbite on my face.

Vortex, you came last week and really made me hate this place.
Oh now you are back and the cold days are here
This Votex shit has made it clear
If Climate Change is for you, come here soon.
Vortex, yesterday my life was filled with slush
Vortex, you come again and its my soul that you will crush
You made me dowload wind chill widgets
And now I can not feel my digits
Vortex, our lips are blue. We hate you.  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRWyxzmNdJc (a wonderful version for a TV show with just Hebb and Ron Carter)

One Response to With Apologies to Bobby Hebb and “Sunny”

  1. midgewegener says:

    Record it and put in the party play list! Funny…


    ____________________ Sent from my iPhone


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