A Resolution for 2012

I’ve never been one for making (or keeping) New Year’s resolutions, but I think I’ve got one that’s worthwhile and easily accomplished.

Beginning in 2012, I resolve that we keep all our plates and glassware and silverware not in the kitchen cabinets, but in what has become their adapted environment–our 15-year old son’s bedroom. Like hippos and ibis and antelope and gazelle congregating around the watering hole on the African savannah, the ice cream bowls, soda glasses, smoothie and yogurt spoons and sandwich plates gather on the desk and nightstand and, well, any flat surface. The growing herds awaiting the lion (me) to come and order them temporarily away.

I figure keeping them up there will both save us a step (we’ll always know where to find them!) and free up the cabinet space in the kitchen for more useful things like the jumbo jars of Nutella he wants us to buy.




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