Chicago Weather

Chicagoans are fond of saying that the bad weather serves a purpose; it keeps the riff-raff away.  It also has occurred to me that it doesn’t take any imagination or courage to live someplace where the weather is great (Yes, I’m looking at you Allisen, proprietor of The Foley House Inn in Savannah, GA  800-647-3708).


As I walked into the 20 mph wind  and 43 degree temperatures today (wind chill = 34 degrees!) following a night of downpours that left nine inches of water in the back of my yard, I wonder, WHAT KIND OF AN IDIOT VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS?  It’s MAY.  It’s the end of MAY.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?!

One Response to Chicago Weather

  1. anrogers says:

    Thanks, Mark! Yes, the Chicago weather can be crazy, but honestly I still always say that I am a “Chicago girl” as in my heart it will always be home. As my Grandma says: “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”…which is probably also why some of my very favorite people in life make Chicago their home (you and Midge included!!)….xoxo and hope everyone is happy and healthy in the Wegener home!

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