Great Moments in Parenting #157

The Hard Stuff

The Hard Stuff

I walked into the suburban coffee shop chain this morning behind a mom with a little girl who was probably 4 and a little boy who was around 3.  The “coffee doctoring station” where the creams and sugars are located is just inside the door at this particular branch of the coffee colossus, and that was the kids’ first stop.  Each grabbed bags of raw sugar and followed mom into the line.

I wasn’t my typical antisocial commuter self this morning; I hadn’t synched my iPod with updated podcasts over the weekend, so I didn’t have my noise-reducing ear buds in, leaving me free to listen to the chatter among the caffeine junkies while they awaited their fixes.  Needless to say, no proposals to make the health care system work better or how to reorient the deployment of our troops in Afghanistan were overheard.  Neither were strategies to defeat the cover-2 defense or how Jimmy Clausen is now a Heisman contender for that matter.

I was alert enough to notice that Kid 1 and Kid 2 had opened their sugar packets and were licking their fingers, sticking them in the package and mainlining the stuff—not something you see every day, but having been given sugar tablets during my high school tennis days, I was familiar with the concept and the results of such experiments.

Mom was unfazed by the ingesting, except that she told her children, “You’re going to have to behave at the PTA meeting this morning.  That sugar is going to make you feel like you’ll want to bounce off the walls.”

She then orders a double espresso (presumably for herself) and two chocolate milks for the kids.

I wonder if a healthy lunch of Fruit Loops and popsicles was planned for after the meeting.

I think that the agenda for the next PTA meeting might include “Sedate Mrs. Starbuck’s children”.

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