Possible Eliot Spitzer Campaign Slogans (version 1)

She's got them in a jar in the kitchen

She's got them in a jar in the kitchen

Word from the always entertaining and (rarely) reliable New York Post has disgraced former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer considering a run for statewide office again.  That got us thinking about some possible slogans for his campaign.

  • Eliot Spitzer:  back for seconds
  • Spitzer:  redefining Chutzpah
  • Spitzer: hoping your memory is short
  • Spitzer:  he’s no David Patterson!
  • Spitzer:  promising repeat business to local hotels!
  • Spitzer: Silda’s got his nuts in a jar, so he’s harmless!
  • No one knows how to find trouble like Eliot Spitzer!
  • Spitzer:  Experience that Gillibrand can only dream of!
  • Spitzer: You already know the worst of it
  • Spitzer:  The horndog you know
  • Spitzer:  At least he’s never been to the Minneapolis Airport!
  • Spitzer:  If he was a Kennedy, we’d call it “a result of his treatment for Addison’s Disease”
  • Eliot Spitzer:  He’s never taken a nephew to Au Bar!
  • Spitzer:  he’s no Mark Sanford
  • Spitzer:  Proud to have cheated in the U. S. of A!
  • Eliot:  He knows when to shut up and resign already
  • Eliot Spitzer:  Not the worst guy we could think of

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