Underappreciated Facts about the Desmond Jones School of Mime

The Desmond Jones School of Mime is known for many things. Here are a few things you might not know about them.

  1. The school’s pep band plays no songs; the musicians play only “air trumpet,” “air Sousaphone,” “air piccolo,” etc.
  2. There are no words to the school’s fight song
  3. The Dean of the school makes no morning announcements over the PA
  4. The students’ favorite ringtone is…silent.
  5. The school’s librarian has never had to “shhhhhh” a student. Ever.
  6. The school nurse has never reported a case of laryngitis
  7. They’ve won the State Charades Championship so many times, they’re no longer allowed to compete
  8. Opposing basketball teams have little problem shooting free throws in the Jones Gymnasium
  9. The debate team sucks
  10. There are no “poetry slams” on campus
  11. It is always windy on the campus of  the Desmond Jones School of Mime
Desmond Jones

Mr. Desmond Jones

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