Aging beats the alternative.

I’m not afraid of getting old. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

I’m trying to trade in my 50 for two 20s and a 10.

Seriously, who isn’t grateful to be around today, with all that we’ve accomplished and all that’s underway?

Man-made objects are leaving tracks on friggin’ Mars and sending back pictures in high definition. Other things are farther away from Earth than man has ever conceived of, and sending us pictures.

We have interconnectedness like never before (for good and ill), shrinking our otherwise dehumanized, lonely world. The concept of six degrees of separation now seems entirely antiquated.

We’ve made such advancements in medicine that life is now capable of being prolonged to such a degree that we’re actually wondering if we live too long! Think of it!

Of course, it’s not perfect and far from it. There are many who suffer and tough roads ahead. But humanity in total and we as Americans have never (NEVER!) failed to prevail and eventually tame whatever challenge it is that has faced us. This time will be no different. This is not the end of times. This is not an existential threat to our existence. We will get through it and thrive.

Despite reports to the contrary, I am quite an optimist. An old optimist.

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