Over and Under

I’m overfed and underslept.

I’m overeasy yet undercooked and overstimulated though underacheived.

Overworked and underappreciated and overbearing but underestimated.

I’m overdubbed but underplayed; oversupplied yet underfunded.

I’m overinflated and underwater; overcharged and underperforming.

I’m overmatched and undervalued.

I’m overjoyed and under attack!

I’m covert and undercover.

I’m overcome and understanding.

I’m overweight and underfoot.

I’m under-reported and overused.

I’m undersexed, yet somehow overblown.

I’m understaffed and overseen.

I’m undermined and overheated.

I’m underwhelmed and overserved.

I’m under God and overconfident.

I’m understanding and overcome.

I’m underused and overtired.

I’m the underdog and overridden.

I’m overacting and underrated.

I’m overstated and underclassed; overeager and undercut.

Overdrawn.  Am I understood?

One Response to Over and Under

  1. kentcomp says:

    I’m overalled but under armored

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