Five Minutes with A Smart Phone

Man carrying too many things, including his personal iPhone and his work blackberry inadvertently dials his wife’s cell phone.  It rings and he sees among the things that he’s carrying that he’s called her, but hangs up.  She’s at work, so he thinks she’ll never notice.  He initially thinks nothing of it.  Moments later, his phone rings.  Surprisingly, it’s his wife calling back.  Still with too many things in his hands to deal with the phone, he again inadvertently hits “ignore” and kills the call.

Less than a minute later, there’s a text message from her.  “Saw you called.  What’s up?”  Sigh.  Still messing with carrying more things than whole families bound for Ellis Island had onboard ship as well as rolling the trash cans away from the curb, he ignores it.

“She’s off work in thirty minutes,” he thinks.  “I’ll just talk to her when she gets home.”

Once he puts his burden down, and now with a minute to spare, he picks up the phone and calls again to try to clear up the confusion.  She’s working.  No answer.  He starts to type, “didn’t mean to…” but he never gets to finish.  The phone is ringing.  It’s her.

“You called?”

“Didn’t mean to.  Everything’s fine.”

Five minutes of back and forth over a mistakenly pushed button.  When you combine two people who care enough to make sure the other is alright and not in need of something with a few fat or just carelessly placed fingers, you’re left wondering if this is progress.

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