See “ulater”

The news of the day reminded me of my love for words that end with “ulate”.

Headlines of “President Capitulates”, blog posts of “President emasculated” revived my memory.

Seeing the President gesticulate at his press conference furthered the cause.

His detractors accumulate even though he can calculate the votes in Congress and postulate the likelihood of success.

Democrats speculate at what might have been.

Republicans ululate at the chance to stimulate their base. They self-congratulate.  Do they miscalculate?

What will happen when the bills actually circulate; when they tabulate the votes?

Did Obama stipulate that tax cuts drive economic growth?  Has he followed the Clinton strategy to triangulate?

The President postulates that this agreement will inoculate or insulate him from criticism.

Democrats think that the Republicans only want to manipulate, deregulate and discombobulate.

(What of “combobulate”? I’m sure that things can be combobulated, yet we never speak of them as such.  I think this is an oversight.  Similar to being merely “whelmed” as opposed to overwhelmed, we owe it to ourselves to combobulate and be combobulated.)

I postulate that these matters are vital to our nation and its future, yet large sections of the population (bank shot!)–those viewers of Entertainment Tonight and TMZ and those readers of People and US Weekly–simply want to focus on celebrities and whether they ejaculate and with whom they copulate.

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