Ground Zero Vogue?

Where’s the outrage? Newt?  Sarah? Glenn? Anyone?

Conde Nast, publisher of Golf Digest, Vanity Fair and Vogue, recently announced a deal to be the anchor tenant in one of the buildings in the old World Trade Center complex.  This is not “near” Ground Zero like the proposed mosque and community center that has caused such a dust up. It’s right on the property.

So Anna Wintour and Graydon Carter get office on Ground Zero but there’s no room a couple blocks away for a religious center?

Is it hallowed ground or isn’t it?

Is it a free country or isn’t it?

How far away from Ground Zero do opponents of the Park51 complex think is “respectful distance”?   Kansas?  Hawaii?

And I presume that I can count on the opponents to be equally outraged if (when?) the Christian Identity movement that counted Tim McVeigh as a member wants to hold a meeting in Oklahoma City.

Mayor Bloomberg is right.

If he’s not, the terrorists have surely won.

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