In through the out door at Newark Liberty

These doors don't exist at Newark Liberty or other airports. An outrage.

A guy walks into Terminal C at Newark Liberty through the exit, disappears into the masses, resulting in the entire airport being put into lock-down, grounding flights for six hours.  If you’ve never been there, the exit is no different than it is in many other airports in this country.  It’s nothing more than a doorway that’s the size of the hallway (i.e., no threshold, no barrier) that’s “guarded” by a distracted TSA employee.  Wide open access.

In a world where every major building in the United States has some kind of gating mechanism before you can get to the elevators, why WHY are these hallways still accessible?  For all them money they spent upgrading the screening area at LaGuardia in the last couple years, no one thought to make the exit from the terminal inaccessible to people trying to swim upstream.  The same is true at O’Hare and, apparently, Newark Liberty.

This is outrageous.

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