Favorite Holiday Names

Back when I was attending office holiday parties, I wasn’t above grabbing the name tags intended for spouses and have a little fun. I generally stuck with one or two, but over time I developed a list of other names that never got used. I figured I’d share the list in the hopes that it brightens your day. If you’ve got any additional ideas, I’d love to hear them. Enjoy.

  1. Marion Bright
  2. Hal Lelujah
  3. Byrum Babumbum
  4. Dick T. Halls
  5. Noel Bjorn Iztheking
  6. Chet Snuts
  7. Harold Angels
  8. Gloria S. Ongofold
  9. Miss L. Toe
  10. L. B. Homeforchristmas
  11. Will T. Omen
  12. Al Iscalm
  13. Al Isbright
  14. Cy Lentnight

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