Droopy Lieberman

Separated at birth?I don’t know who first planted the idea in my head of “Joe Lieberman as Droopy Dog”, but now that it’s there, I can’t shake it.  Maybe it was Jon Stewart.

The fact that the Wikipedia description of Mr. Dog includes the following only adds the similarities:

Droopy moved slowly and lethargically, spoke in a jowly monotone, and, though he didn’t look like much, was shrewd enough to outwit his enemies and, when finally roused to anger, capable of beating adversaries twice his size with a comical thrashing.

Truer words might never have been spoken about both of them.

Given what’s going on, the fact that when you see Senator Lieberman on television the caption reads “Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT)” is pretty rich.  The “I” might actually stand for “insurance”.

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