Riffing on the President’s Nobel – Part 1

Maybe Sasha and Melia fight more than we all realize.

Will this make passing Health Care Reform seem small by comparison?

This is really a sign that the Nobel Committee loves getting Rush and them all fired up.  I hope they send a thank you card and a check to Oslo, for giving them more material than they can possibly handle.

This gives you a pretty good idea of the state of what constitutes “peace” these days.

Obama in Oslo is preferable to Bush in The Haig.

In 8 months, Obama received a Nobel Prize, in 8 years, Bush received two shoes. (h/t to TheBigHomieJ)

What can he possibly do for an encore?

What prize will he be awarded when he actually DOES something?

Does this mean that he won’t spend the last two years of his presidency on a “Legacy Project”.

Has the Nobel Committee ever awarded a prize in advance before?

Today’s Headline: President Awarded Peace Prize; Sends 60,000 more troops to Afghanistan.  Discuss.

One Response to Riffing on the President’s Nobel – Part 1

  1. Jay says:

    Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Desomnd Tutu..

    He is not..

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