Man’s Vertical Evolution

Evidence of the Great Plumbing Conspiracy

Evidence of the Great Plumbing Conspiracy

The pace of man’s evolution must have reached warp speed in the past 40 years, especially when it comes to height.  How else can you explain the incredible number of shower heads in homes, condos, rental units and hotels I encounter that come out of the wall at 5 feet, 4 inches off the floor?!  Was the average height of a man really only 5’2” in 1950, about when the Outer Banks rental home we’re staying in was built?  Was there ever a full-grown person who could stand under this shower head without performing a limbo-like maneuver?  Was this home built with one of those restrictive covenants that only “little people” could own it (but not rent it)?  It’s not like I’m complaining about a lack of hot water or a bed that’s too mushy.  This is a construction feature.  Someone PLANNED this.  Are plumbing contractors all short …and vengeful?  I want to know who and I want to know why.

2 Responses to Man’s Vertical Evolution

  1. Vic says:

    Stand on your head to wash the other parts.

  2. dennisr61684 says:

    Think of it this way Mark: inside every one of these irritating physical affronts lies a potential coffee table book. Document these height-crimes and get thee to Randomhouse.

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