“News” must not mean what I think it does.

Yet another story in the endless litany of mindless stories labeled as “news” appeared this morning when NBC’s Today show put Bernie Madoff’s secretary on the air to say that she thinks Bernie’s hiding something and that he orchestrated his own arrest.  http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/30598201/

Next up on Today, the Moon’s shocking 28-day cycle and word that the oceans contain salt!

Is there anyone who thinks that he didn’t do this precisely because he wants to take the fall fully and completely for his sons and wife (and others)?  He pleaded guilty without any plea bargain so that when (not if) his sons are brought up on charges they can call him as a defense witness and he can say, “As I said at my trial without refutation, I did this all myself and my sons weren’t involved,” in an attempt to create reasonable doubt.

(It’s going to work, too.)

But NBC thinks that getting someone on TV to say, “Bernie is covering up” is something that adds to the story and is therefore “news”.  I don’t feel any better informed after seeing the segment.  Do you?

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