Why is this man smiling?

Lone surviving Somali Pirate entering the U.S. to face charges

Lone surviving Somali Pirate entering the U.S. to face charges

Theory #1:  Prison beats seasickness.  To a Somali teenager, forced (?) by warlords onto the high seas with a rusty AK-47 to take prisoners, the thought of spending the rest of his life in a U.S. jail cell is not so bad.  The prison yard has nothing on the streets of Mogahishu.

Theory #2:  Prison beats death.  At the moment the photograph was taken, he was recalling his good fortune in seeking medical attention right before his comrades got their heads blown off by Navy Seals.  Timing is everything.
Theory #3:  The “This is my one chance on the red carpet” Theory .  While not marauding, Mr. Pirate has watched hours of youtube video of celebrities confronted by a phalanx of cameras.  Mr. Pirate did what he sees everyone else do:  smile and wave.  Well, it’s hard to wave while handcuffed to a federal officer, but you get the point. 
BTW:  Mr. Pirate has apparently asked to be Bernie Madoff’s roommate, citing their mutual professional interests.

One Response to Why is this man smiling?

  1. Bob Armour says:

    His reaction reminds me a lot of Rod Blagojevich…

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